Funny how we think that all is okay with how much money we make until we hear about how much money someone else makes.

If they make more than us, then feelings of jealousy, hurt, or even resentment can arise.

If they make less than us, then feeling of superiority, pride and other “wrong feelings” might crop up.

Thus the concept of Circumstantial Happiness.

I’m happy because of what I believe my circumstances are.   It’s a dangerous way to live.  There will always be others who earn more and others who earn less.

Besides, despite the fact we live in a country that requires money, there are plenty of examples of how the money earned is not a true measure of someones value, even if we’re talking only about their value in the work world.

Which is more indispensable, a financial planner or a firefighter?

See what I’m talking about?

Let’s all just do our best to live below our income levels and then use the left overs to help others.

Don’t have any leftover $$?  Then perhaps you can give of something else.


Extra possessions.


All of us have something we can give.

And the giving creates happiness for both you the giver and the recipient.