There’s the saying that you should step out of your comfort zone and see what else is out there.

There’s also another saying that once you have reached your destination, enjoy it.

Both are appropriate but in different circumstances.

In the business and marketing world I live in, I see businesses that stagnate because they are not keeping up with the times.   I also see them flounder because they are chasing all the bright and shiny new marketing platforms without a way to determine which they should consider.

I can help with that, and you are probably too close to your business to determine this solo.

Now step over to the comfort levels in your personal life.

Relationships are the heart of these comfort levels and we’d be foolish to pretend that our work relationships are not part of our personal life.  After all, we spend the majority of our awake hours working.  Or at least that is at the top of the list of activities we do each week. ScLoHo's Really

Are you working in a comfort level or is there an uncomfort level you need to change in the year ahead?

I can honestly say without hesitation that my position with Federated Media in Fort Wayne is one of the best fits ever for me.  I get to work with a guy who I helped get started in the radio business 10 years ago.  Ben Saurer is the WOWO Radio General Sales Manager and the reason I decided to join WOWO back in 2013.

For the previous 2 1/2 years, I was in 3 different positions with 3 different companies.  Something I had absolutely no intention of doing.  I walked away from Summit City Radio after 8 1/2 years to work for a website development company and by this time of the year in 2011, I knew I had to find something else.  That something else was a return to radio but again around Christmas time 2012, I began looking again.  When I left those stations for a full time position in Social Media, I was in it for the long haul, but the position changed and I decided to leave. Within a year, all of my coworkers left too.

I stayed for 10 months at each of those 3 companies and I could have stayed forever at any of them if I wanted to, but it comes back to comfort levels.

I’ll wrap this up with a little wisdom I learned:  No matter where you work, the one constant is you.  So take the time to discover you and what makes you comfortable.  The change you need may be internal or external but you should try and find out before you make any changes.

Don’t be afraid to prepare and make changes and may you one day discover a really good fit in your comfort zone like I have.