A couple years ago I met an engineer who moved his family from comfortable California to Fort Wayne to take over the management of a local hotel property.  Dev and I have stayed in contact and I am impressed with him as much or even more than his hotel.

Dev had no experience in the hospitality industry.

He had the desire and determination to create the best guest experience possible and he has won several awards within his chain and from online travel sites based on guest reviews.

Monday I stopped in to see Dev to schedule a meeting for Wednesday.  Then Dev got caught up in hotel activity and needed to postpone our meeting.

Dev reached out to me to let me know about this turn of events in multiple ways.

I got an email to my personal email account.

I received a message on Facebook.

I received a message on Twitter.

I haven’t checked LinkedIn or Google+ yet to see if he left me a message there too.

The point is Dev demonstrated consideration by connecting to me in as many was possible at the time using the common communication platforms that we were both on.

Your customers, clients, friends and family want to be able to reach you, especially when they have something important to tell you.

Are you making yourself available on the social media platforms that they want to use to reach you?