Funny thing about writing blog posts and articles for a website that you have total control and ownership of… ScLoHo's Really

I’m talking about this one, .  The funny thing is I get to decide what to write and when to write and how often and all those other things that you get to decide when it’s all yours and you don’t have to answer to others.

Did you notice that I finally reduced the number of weekly updates?

The past couple of years, I was publishing 5 or 6 days a week.  Now it’s 3 days.

This is quite a departure from 2010 when I was publishing over 30 articles a week on multiple blogs.

But I bet you didn’t notice the change from 5 to 3 articles a week.

I did it to free up some time and work on quality over quantity.

I do not get paid to do this, quite the opposite, I pay all the fees and what not myself.

There is no advertising on this site either.  Not a penny comes my way from typing out these words or hitting the publish button.

Except something has been happening that has been profitable as a result of posting over 1,900 articles on this site.

I have had people contact me directly to talk about how I can help them with their marketing and advertising.  I wrote about this before regarding the SEO benefits.  For years I have told my advertising partners to blog and none have done it consistently the way I have.  My start in doing this was 10 years ago.

I’ll continue to write and share each week and if you want my help, please ask.