At WOWO Radio, I sell advertising. Wait, I really help businesses solve their Key Marketing Challenges.WOWOLogo 2016

Sometimes that includes ads on WOWO, sometimes that includes using our Federated Digital Solutions and sometime it’s both.FDS300

I’m about to show you data from Google Analytics from 3 of my advertising partners.

2016-06-27 (3)

This business started with embedded live news sponsorship ads, 10 seconds long on WOWO in 2015.  In March 2016 we added Custom Audience Targeting and a SEM/PPC campaign from Federated Digital Solutions.

The first source is people directly typing in the business URL, which we have been saying on WOWO 15 times a week for nearly 60 weeks. Number two on the list are the C.A.T. Display ads from Federated Digital Solutions. #4 and #5 are the SEM/PPC digital ads we are doing. (7, 9 & 10 are spam.)

Let’s look at another local business.

2016-06-27 (1)

This business started on WOWO Radio with Live Endorsement ads in 2015 that include both their phone number and web address.  They are an established name with over 60 years in business. In February 2016 we added Custom Audience Targeting and on June 4th took over their SEM/PPC campaign.

Again the results from our Federated Digital Solution campaigns are amazing. #1 on the list is the C.A.T Digital Display ads. #5 is the results from 3 weeks of our managing their SEM/PPC compared to #6 which are the results from 5 months of SEM managed by their old vendor.

One more to share today…

2016-06-27 (2)



This is a local manufacturing company that sells wholesale.  Their very specialized market is worldwide.  We are only using a Custom Audience Targeting Digital Display Ad campaign that covers the entire U.S.A.  No WOWO radio ads.

This is the results after 6 weeks.  Once again Custom Audience Targeting Display Ads, (#1 on the list) is driving traffic to their website which was our goal.  We’ve looked at the details of who the people are that are seeing and clicking on their display ads and we are on track to help them make a lot of money.

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