Around the radio station we talk about offering a “CAT” advertising solution as one of the methods to help our advertising partners.

But most of you are clueless if I were to ask you, “Do You Know What C.A.T. Is?”

That’s alright because I’m going to take a couple days to explain.

First off C.A.T. is a made-up word. ScLoHo’s Web World

But that’s okay, because it’s an acronym for something pretty spectacular that is offered exclusively by Federated Media, the parent company of my radio station WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We have a digital division called Federated Digital Solutions, and C.A.T. is one of the solutions.

C.A.T. stands for Custom Audience Targeting.  Here’s why those three words were selected.

Imagine if you could targeting your advertising so only specially qualified individuals saw or heard your ad?

If this was possible while watching T.V. that means the ads that you see while watching your favorite show would be different than the ads I see, while watching the same show at the exact same time!

Say you are into Country Music, and I’m more of a Classic Rock fan, you’d see ads for the upcoming country concert coming to town and I’d see some old rockers concert commercial.

So far, that’s not possible.  It’s not possible with television, radio, print ads, billboards either.

But it is possible with the power of digital display ads.  These are the ads that seem to follow you around after you’ve been to a website and ads for that website appear when you’re off looking up something else online.

What I just described is called Retargeting and it works by the website you visited placing a pixel or cookie on your web browser.  Retargeting is the oldest form of this digital display ad technology.

When I combine it with three other methods of finding the right target for your ads, it can be pretty powerful.

Those three other methods include Search Retargeting, Contextual Retargeting and GeoFencing.  Together, these 4 methods of finding the right audience for your digital display ads combined with other qualifying data helps us to create a Custom Audience Target.

Curious about how this works?  Contact me and I’ll show you.