Last week, I defined Advertising.  Today, another Bare Bones Basic as we define Marketing.

Advertising is a part of Marketing, it’s the stuff you pay for.  Your Marketing however is a an even bigger bucket than the Advertising bucket.

Simply put, Marketing is how you and your brand is seen in the market.

Advertising is a part of your marketing.

So are press releases that make it out to the public.

Marketing could include the charitable giving of money, goods and time by your company.

Marketing is also part of the important parts of your business.  Take for example this sign at a grocery store:

Sounds Like a Good Deal?

Sounds Like a Good Deal?

Sometimes all we need to do is call attention to something and make it seem special.

That’s one kind of marketing.  But so is the intangibles of your business, such as the way your employees behave when they are dealing with customers.  The clerk who isn’t a people person is not going to present a positive marketing message if you have them in a position dealing with people, right?

It goes beyond business hours too.  How do your employees behave when they are off the clock?  Do they ever wear clothing with your business name or logo in public when they are off duty?  Are they leaving a good impression?  This is part of your marketing.

We are in the middle of winter and the snow and ice is a pain.  Do you make sure your parking lot, side walks and entrance are as inviting as possible despite the extra work?  Or your restrooms?  If a restaurant has a messy restroom, I question what goes on in the kitchen too.

Your marketing includes your online activity and presence.  I was researching a business that wanted help with their advertising and saw their website was broken.  Not just old, but broken with lines of code instead of anything useful.  When I mentioned the site to them, they said it has been like that for a couple of months!  Sorry, but that is not a good answer.  I offered to fix it, but their corporate office is supposed to take care of it and they don’t care.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online reviews, these are all elements of your marketing too.

Remember every element of anything and everything that presents you and your brand in the market is part of your marketing.

My mission is to help you present the best you in the market as possible.  That’s why I do more than just sell radio ads, and digital media stuff.  I dig deeper and will challenge you to do better with all your marketing, including your advertising.

Questions?  Contact me.