It’s the old quantity versus quality debate that can apply to any situation.

Dating… do you want lots of girl/boy friends or just one that rises above the rest?

That’s the whole premise of the Bachelor television show.  In fantasy world being surrounded by a lot of good looking women can make a young mans head explode.

But in the end, it’s the heart that is really looking for “the one”.

Food… do you want to stuff yourself at the buffet line for two hours or spend those same two hours enjoying your absolute favorite meal?

Those two examples certainly point to quality as the winner over quantity but here’s an example of situations where the opposite is true:

  1. The doctors office that needs sick people to treat.
  2. The gym that actually has more members than they could ever serve who pay a little each month but only a fraction are in the gym at the same time.
  3. McDonalds and other fast food places because we only eat a few times a day, they need a lot of people to buy their fries, burgers and shakes.

In my world I will do a little of both but my focus is on finding the BETTER advertising partners over finding the MORE advertising partners.

Sure, I will talk with nearly anyone to see what I can offer to help them and their business succeed.  Sometimes it is just a bit of advice, sometimes it’s a connect that I can facilitate.

But the ones that I truly partner with and become their marketing coach are the ones that we build a quality relationship with.

I’m in the process of moving one of my advertising partners into a more quality focused marketing campaign.  They are a unique B to B company that initially wanted to drive more people to their website.  That was easy.

This is the new Custom Audience Targeted Digital Display Ad for Superior Water Conditioners

In the first 10 months the Custom Audience Display Campaign I ran through the Federated Digital Solutions division of my company drove over 5,800 brand new trackable users to their website.  The last couple of months over 700 per month were clicking on the “silly display ads”.  My campaign team was amazed at the response we were generating because, “it isn’t supposed to perform this good.”

I just fine tuned the campaign to zero in on exactly the people we want to reach and eliminate some that we don’t want.  I also added a live radio campaign on WOWO radio to help Superior Water Conditioners build up their top of mind name recognition locally.

If you are a business owner or marketing manager that also believes BETTER is preferred over MORE in terms of customers, you are not alone. According to a recent survey, finding quality leads increased to the top priority in 48% of those surveyed, compared to just 26% last year.

Want help?  Let’s talk.