Taking a break from writing about marketing and media and the usual stuff to get the word out about an opportunity with my radio station, WOWO in Fort Wayne.

Starting in March, WOWO will allow two non-competing businesses to sponsor all of our 2016 Election Coverage. This is on a first come basis, and I am one of 5 folks on our WOWO sales team that is offering this.  If you hesitate, you will miss out. Just telling you the way it works.

WOWO 2016 Election HQ SLH - Presenting Sponsorship

Here’s how it works:

  • Your business logo on cover art on WOWO Facebook page
  • Your business logo/banner on page: http://www.wowo.com/2016-campaign/
  • Your business name included on the air in “recorded liners” in rotation promoting WOWO website election coverage
  • Your business name included as sponsor for election specials including debates and election results coverage
  • Your business name included on WOWO Facebook / Twitter posts for election updates
  • And of course, lots of full 60 second commercials:
    • 40 every month heard on WOWO 1190/107.5
    • Plus commercials heard exclusively to the WOWO online stream at the rate of 10,000 impressions per month
  • This is every month starting in March through November.  8 months total.

I’ll even tell you the price right now. $2750 per month. That is a bargain considering the regular price of those 40 commercials each month alone is between $3000 and $4000.

Looking for a way to stand out and make an impression with the WOWO audience this year?  Call me or text me ASAP at 260-255-4357.  Email me at: Scott@WOWO.com.  Connect on Social Media via LinkedIN, Twitter or Facebook.