How’s 2016 treating you?

Are you on target for the year with your business plan?

Or are you one of those folks who didn’t really come up with a plan for the year, just some goals but without a map to get there this year?  plan

Next week we begin month three of 2016 so you have 10 months to get from here to there.

(If you never created a goal for 2016, you are only one step behind those that created a goal without a plan to get there, so don’t give up.)

Item 5 on our list of 17 Ways To Increase Your Businesses Profitability is: Develop a Business Plan that Makes Sense.

You may need certain professionals who have their areas of expertise in Law (Business Attorney),  Finance (Tax Advisor) and a few others.

I can help you with the marketing components.  We will begin with a  Custom Marketing Strategy.  From there I will do what I do best and help you create a SMART Plan.

My philosophy is to help others be successful in business by helping them create a SMART plan:

  • ADVERTISING plan using
  • RADIO and

I have been doing this for several of my advertising partners and have room to do this with a couple more this year. Let me know if you want to be considered.

To be clear, the advertising partners that I work with on this level also get recommendations on all forms of marketing, not just what I can offer them.  Plus, if I notice something else that needs you attention, I’m not shy about telling you.