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Earning the Order – Part 1 from Randy Clark

March 27, 2012 ScLoHo's Collective Wisdom 1

Last week I was reminded of an excellent post that I first published in January of last year on one of my old websites.

Because there are multiply nuggets of wisdom, I’m going to share this over the course of 4 days.

Let’s start:

Today we have a guest post from Randy Clark of TKO Graphics:

Earn the right to ask for the order!

  • Have you listened to your customer and determined their needs?
  • Can you fulfill those needs?
  • Have gathered helpful information?
  • Have you educated your customer about what fits their needs best?
  • Do you focus on your customer’s best interests?
  • Are you building long-term relationships with your customers?

If your answer is yes – you have earned the right to ask for the order.

Furthermore, if you have been a good consultant, it is only fair to your customer to ask them for their business. If you do not ask, could someone less qualified, invested, or concerned get his or her business? It happens every day.

So…why haven’t you asked for the order?    (Randy will continue tomorrow)

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