I watched this video over the weekend and pretty much agree with what he says.

Last year when  my full time paying job was social media manager, I saw this shift and the impact on business first hand.



A couple of points to keep in mind.

Facebook didn’t become popular as a social media because of the advertising and marketing options for business.  It became popular as a communication tool for people, you and me.

My opinion: Facebook becoming a publicly traded company has (and will continue) to ruin Facebook.  Now they have to answer to the stock market traders which increases the pressure to churn out a profit by doing the things mentioned in the video.

Another point:

You need to create your own online web presence and this goes beyond Facebook and other Social Media platforms, because you don’t own your Social Media presence, you merely rent it.  And Facebook along with the others will change to make more money, or they will disappear due to lack of funds.

Buy a domain.

Create a website with that domain.

Then use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to promote your online presence.

Anyone remember MySpace?

Enough said.