A recent study says that having a pet can improve your social life almost as much as social media,

According to new research from Mintel, 47% of pet owners believe owning a pet is better for your social life than social networking sites.

Actually if you look at the 47% number, does that mean 53% say Facebook is better than Fido or Fluffy?  The report I read doesn’t give those details.

But as a person who lives both on and offline, and they have become intertwined, it’s hard to separate the two sometimes.

But we need to achieve a healthy balance.

We have a cat who exhibits very catlike behavior. He loves to be outside and yet he is also a people person, on his own terms.

Last night my wife encouraged me to go spend so time with the cat, as he seemed lonely.  So I set the lap top down, went outside, found him lounging in the driveway scooped him up and gave him some human attention.

It creates a calming effect both for him and me.

If you are also a pet owner, I’m sure you know what I mean if you take time to spend with your animal.

And this act of caring for an animal will make you a better rounded person which in turn makes you more attractive and appealing socially.

Unless you step over the edge and become a crazy cat lady.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, our cat does have his own web page and Twitter account.  He hasn’t been as active on Twitter during these warm days of summer.