The last couple of years I have increased my intake of fish and seafood and decreased my beef consumption.

Mostly via regular restaurants with white fish, tuna, shrimp and sushi.

When Lenten season began and fast food joints decided they wanted to keep their cow eating customers, they added fish, at least for a limited time.

McDonalds serves their filet year round, but recently added fish bites.

I’ve  always liked the sandwich, even though they put too much tarter sauce on which I need to scrape off.

Fish Bites are okay, but for the amount of fish vs. breading, I prefer the sandwich.

Arby’s  has been running a special, 2 of their fish sandwiches for 5 bucks which Mrs. ScLoHo and I shared a couple of times.

1st time was really good, 2nd time was fair.

Wendy’s got our fast food fish money next and for Mrs. ScLoHo was the winner.  Personally I liked either Wendy’s or Arby’s equally because they add some veggies in the form of lettuce and tomato which makes it easy to add some vegetables to your diet.

Over the weekend, we tried one more fast food fish sandwich.

We were driving through Iowa and decided to try Hardee’s. This had the potential of being the best and healthiest, but was the absolute worst of the bunch.  Char-broiled fish with shredded lettuce and tomato should have been a winner but what they gave us what soggy tasteless.


McDonalds Filet-o-Fish is a year-round favorite, Arby’s & Wendy’s are seasonal treats and avoid Hardee’s.  Fish Bites from McDonalds is a nice change of pace too.

Nutrition info:  McD’s Filet has 370 calories, 170 are fat. Arby’s Fish has 570 calories, 230 are fat.  Wendy’s Fish has 480 calories, 216 are fat.