A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would update my series on Advertising with WOWO Radio that I first shared in February.   It’s coming, I assure you.

However this month I have been writing articles that delve into the personal side more frequently.  That’s fine, I have no one to answer to when it comes to what I write, publish or when.  The “editorial calendar” for this website/blog is in my head.   So be patient and I’ll start that series next week. cropped-ScLoHo-aka-Scott-Howard.jpg

Recently I have had a couple of my adult kids move out of state and I’ve mentioned this as a part of spreading wings.   I am also connecting with people from my past (and present) online and last year found an old childhood friend who was influential in my early teens in developing an interest in radio broadcasting.  Dave was more of an engineer kind of guy, while I was interested in being a radio personality, which is how I began my venture into broadcasting.

Dave sent me a brief note on LinkedIN asking how things were going.  Now I have not seen or spoken with Dave in decades.  We are both in our 50’s now and so it has been 30+ years probably since we saw each other.  But that is part of the magic of this internet connected world.

Dave is in California and works in cyber security and related stuff.  When I told him about my kids moving out of state and stuff, his reply, “You are a lucky man.”

It’s that kind of perspective that we sometimes need.

When we are feeling a little down or have mixed emotions about events, there are others who see what we have instead of what we don’t have and can show us our blessings with a few simple words.

Thanks Dave.