Since I returned to the radio world last year, I spend a significant amount of time in a coffee shop on North Anthony, the Firefly.  Even when I was working out of town, this place was still my Sunday morning hang out.  From the overstuffed chair that overlooks the front collection of tables, I sit engrossed in conversation or thought; with the stream of steady regulars or my laptop.  Usually there is a white mocha or straight coffee by my side.

Nearly 20 years ago, (boy, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long), I was living and working an hour away in Warsaw, Indiana and I knew that if I came to town around 11 am, that my Dad would not be at home.  He and 3 or 4 of his friends would be on North Anthony with an endless cup of coffee and a donut.

The Firefly Coffee House was not around yet.  Their gathering spot was right across the street at a place called Tom’s Donuts.  Dad and his neighbor, Bill Robertson and a couple of others would sit around and “shoot the shit” as my Dad called it for an hour or two.  Mr. Robertson would always call me Scotty and they’d buy me a donut and coffee.

Tom’s Donut shop on North Anthony is gone, and there has been a number of different food establishments try and make a go it it in that space.  A couple years ago, the Chrome Plated Diner took over and they’re doing well.

What habits from your parents or other elders have you seen creep into your life?