As an ongoing student of human relationship principles in marketing, I try to be observant.  Sometimes, I see anecdotal evidence, other times things just fall in my lap, or email.

Recently sent me an email that included this chart.


Take a look and learn.  You can also click on it and read the story from

On a personal note, when I switched cellphone companies last year, my skeptical wife kept waiting for that “gotcha moment” when our bill was going to be jacked up.  But it didn’t happen.   Republic Wireless earned our trust. We are now down to less than $40 a month for two smartphones.

This week I am in the midst of cord-cutting and cancelling our cable TV, while keeping our internet and one day I’ll let you know how it all turns out.  Unfortunately dealing with one of the most despised companies around is not fun, and certainly not producing warm feelings of trust.

An update, since I wrote the first draft of this over the weekend.  We ended up sticking with Comcast due to issues with getting a decent signal for broadcast TV.  The poor customer service rep on the phone with my wife who was working from her script had to hear the wrath of my Mrs.  We stuck with them, not because we trust them, but we had no other choice for what we wanted.  In the end we lowered our monthly bill by 30 bucks, but will have to go thru another phone call like this in 12 months.  This is not the way to run a business and if your customers can find an alternative that they trust, they will.

You need to be a trusted business and trusted person.  If you are, we need more of you.