Yesterday the Fort Wayne Social Media Breakfast wrapped up 2011 with a group discussion asking questions about our Social Media Experiences in 2011 and what we are planning on doing in 2012.

The answers were both varied and amazing.

Each of us use social media in our own unique ways, using a single platform, or more likely at least 2 (or more like me).

So,  I want to know about you.

Drop me a note to, or use the Contact form on this website.  You can also respond in the comments section of this article or even send me at tweet.

Tell me about your social media experience in 2011.  What you did, who you met, how your life changed, or maybe if you stopped or slowed down some of your social media activity.

Tell me what you are planning for 2012.

Tell me what you would like to see happen in 2012.

Tell me anything you want regarding social media.

I reserve the right to use your name in a future article unless you tell me not to, and I’ll respect that too.