I was asked this question recently.

“Scott, how long have you been doing this?” dd

The problem was I wasn’t sure which “this” he was referring to.

If “this” is working for WOWO & Federated Media, my answer is since 2013.

If “this” is working in the online world, helping businesses market themselves, my answer is since around 2006.

If “this” is helping businesses create an advertising program that follows a strategic marketing plan, my answer is since 1986.

If “this” is working in radio, I can go back to 1976 when I got my first paycheck as a teenage disc-jockey.

Here’s the kicker. I have been a student and teacher of marketing since the 80’s even during the times I didn’t work directly in the business, which I’ve done a couple of times.  It never stopped even during the years I wasn’t paid to do this work.

My marketing mindset was developed during my early years working in Detroit for WMUZ.  I was reading, studying, learning, and practicing marketing strategy planning.  While the tools and mediums have changed over the past 30 years, the principles that work are still the same.

That’s because they are human relationship principles and we simply need to see how to apply them to the various marketing platforms and medias that come along.

I don’t care if we are talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… radio, tv, newspapers… online display ads, ppc ads or pre-roll video ads…   human relationship principles apply and that’s why I say I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

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