Continuing this series, of How Much Does It Cost to Advertise, today I share the specifics at WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A one minute commercial costs $100.price-tag

That is the base price that I am given to work with when I am creating an advertising and marketing campaign.

That $100 price tag is for WOWO’s Prime Time programs.

According to the rating services we subscribe to, WOWO has more total weekly listeners than any other radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Well over 100,000 and 95% of them are over the age of 25.

The latest survey I saw, showed there was one other station with over 100,000 listeners but nearly 1/2 of them are teenagers.  Teens don’t buy homes, insurance, or many of the things that it takes a full time income to buy.

There are over 25 radio stations that are serving Fort Wayne and none of them come close to having the number of adult listeners.

Why is WOWO so popular?  For nearly 20 years of our almost 90 years on the air, WOWO has had a news and talk radio format.  Listeners between 5am and 9am, tune in to Fort Wayne’s Morning News with Charly Butcher. Local news every 15 minutes, traffic & weather every 10 minutes, sports twice an hour, national news twice and hour and interviews with local, state and national news makers keeps it moving.  The average morning commute in Fort Wayne is a little over 20 minutes, and with WOWO keeping you company on your way to work, you arrive fully informed.

9am to 3pm, WOWO’s “Mid-Day Double Play” features 3 hours of nationally syndicated Glenn Beck followed by 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh.  These two talk shows are followed by the Pat Miller Program, featuring our very own Pat Miller.

The 6am to 6pm weekday hours are WOWO’s Prime Time. Over 80,000 of our 100,000+  listeners listen to Charly, Glen, Rush and Pat.

Every week or two, I get an update on our rates and inventory.  There may be times when you would have to pay more than $100 per minute for a 60 second commercial.  That is when we are sold out and you still want to get on WOWO.

If we are sold out during a show that you want to advertise, we will need to bump another advertiser and you will pay a premium for that air time. We don’t like to do that.  We honor our advertising commitments. However there are some advertising partners that will work with us and give up some of the time that they have reserved and move their ads to a week when we are less busy.

As a “for instance”, election time is busy because of our news talk format politicians want to run their ads on WOWO.

Are there exceptions to the $100 per minute cost of advertising on WOWO?

Yes, and I’ll share those with you.