This is the question that is on the tip of the tongue of any business owner when some ad sales person calls on them.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise?

I’m going to update a series that I originally published in 2015 to answer that question.Information

It’s both an easy and difficult question to answer unless you are “just a salesperson“.

I detest the typical advertising salesperson, but I really enjoy what I do which includes selling advertising.

The difference is the approach and big picture. My approach is to discover what can help a business become more successful in marketing to present and future customers and often a part of that involves creating an advertising program on my radio station, WOWO.

The “just a salesperson” will attempt to sell you their stuff with very little understanding (or regard) for your big picture goals.

But wait, How Much Does It Cost to Advertise?

In traditional media, there are rate cards, some are publicly available.

In Fort Wayne, our daily newspapers  rate card are online here.  It’s confusing and unless you know about “column inches”, it’s not easy to understand.  The link above goes to a rate card that is still available online, but their website has taken away the direct link.

KPC is another print media company that has some pricing online too.

At least one of the TV stations used to have a rate card you could find online but not anymore.

Radio stations have rate cards too that are either guidelines or very strict.  However with most stations, these are a closely guarded secret. You have to talk to someone and often that someone is “just a salesperson”. Yuk, to put it politely.

The main reason I haven’t shared this publicly before, is two-fold:

  • When I worked for other radio stations, I was not allowed to because of some fear that our competitors would find out. But this is a very paranoid way of thinking.
  • The price of a 60 second ad should NOT be the main criteria for deciding who to advertise with.

Regarding the first reason, we at WOWO, really don’t care if other media find out what are prices are.  I am not in a price battle with them.

And secondly, under most circumstances, the way I work goes beyond quoting prices.  I work to create solutions to get the word out about your business, utilizing the tools I have along with the experiences and resources I have access to, all designed for you and your business goals.

Sorry to drag this out, but I need to set the stage and I promise to give you the prices and tips on how to buy advertising with me on WOWO.

Coming next, the price of a 60 second ad on WOWO.