This week is the first full work week for the new year and for many those ideas and resolutions to improve something are about to be challenged as the reality of normal life kicks in.

The holiday time off is over and most of those extra sweets and/or snacks are nearly gone.  Maybe they are replaced in your frig with some strange objects known as fruits and vegetables.

I was toying with the idea of eating a salad as my usual breakfast this year.  I’m still mulling it over.

Some of you may decide to change other habits, like sleep or exercise.  I’ve discovered that sleep is fun.  Most nights my wife and I are asleep by 10:30 and awake 8 hours later.  We sort of fell into this habit a few years ago.  The exercise routine I developed in 2013 when I worked at a place that had an onsite work out room and a personal trainer that would come twice a week.  For a few months I was a regular until I developed an issue with one of my eyes due to over exertion one afternoon.   So now I have to look for other opportunities to improve my health via a combination of exercise and food.

Maybe the “better you”, you want to create this year involves learning.  Expanding your knowledge is one important aspect that we should consciously do no matter how young or old we are.  And just as important is the application.  How will you take what you learn and apply it to your life and the lives of others?


This weekend, the pastor at our church issued a challenge to us.  It was to simply read and study our bibles.  I admit there have been times in my life that I was more a student of scripture than other times and reflecting back, I know he is right.  If I want wisdom and change in my life, I need to go to the source. Regularly. Not just when I have a question.

Work wise, I can easily measure my progress in black and white, in dollars, the records are there and I have goals set for me and I also have my own goals which exceed those given to me.  Because that’s the way I work.

What if we took the same approach to all these other areas that we want to be better in our lives?  What if instead of setting impossible goals, we set ourselves up for success, not failure? What if we didn’t give up when we missed a goal or didn’t follow through with a resolution and instead we revisited the idea and revised the plan?

The year is upon us.  Every day another 24 hours passes that we live.  Until we don’t anymore.

Each day, week, month is filled with choices and you and I get to decide.  I’ve decided to continue my journey to be better this year, have you?