I had a new co-worker ask me about this recently and decided to share it with you too.

This is different from the complicated way a lot of people attempt to sell advertising on radio and television.  It’s also better and easy to understand.

We’re going to start with human behavior.

Nearly every morning there are a bunch of people who arrive at their office at 8am.

Right before they arrived at the office, most of them were in their cars and most of them were listening to the radio.  A lot of them were listening to WOWO radio. Depending on how long their commute took them, we can assume that most hopped in their car sometime between 7 and 8am, and had up to an hour of time listening to WOWO.  This is their human behavior 5 days a week.

Another part of our humanness is how we form relationships. Human relationships are built on trust and trust builds as we become familiar with someone. That’s how successful dating relationships work and it also applies to successful advertising relationships.

Let’s cut to the chase:

Advertise 5 days a week between 7 and 8 am and you and your company will build a positive relationship with the people who are listening to WOWO between 7 and 8am.

Do this every week, forever and you will become a trusted business and have top of mind awareness in the minds and hearts of those listeners that hear about you every day. ee

Once you’ve committed to this advertising schedule, then add to it by adding a second hour, 5 days a week, forever.  Then add a third hour, maybe a fourth hour.

This will work.  I’ve done this since 1986 and refined it over the years to keep it simple and make it successful.

Let’s talk about your business and see how to apply it and create a successful stream of new customers for you.