First the background…

Close to two years ago I gave my daughter Tiffany a challenge.

Tiff was going to have her first baby and the challenge was to take a picture every day and post it online.

I suggested using Blogger, which is owned by Google. I used Blogger as my host for multiple blogs and its interface is easy to use.

So Tiff posted at least one pic a day of her 1st born, Calvin for over a year.  When her second child came around, the pictures were a little more sporadic.

Tiffany recently came across a problem and was looking for advice.

I have a little problem… apparently I’ve used all of my allotted 1 GB of space in my Picasa web album, which is where all my blog photos go. So I either have to pay for more storage or find a different place to host my blog. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would like to be as cheap as possible but I obviously will need a LOT of storage capabilities. Thanks.

Picasa is owned by Google and as Tiffany states, they only allow 1 GB of storage.

I came up with a couple ideas:

Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo! has unlimited storage, with a few limitations.  With Flicker you can upload 300MB every month; .

Instead of uploading to Picasa, you can embed the html code into your blog. Here’s where I found info on getting the html embed code on blogger:

My other idea involved Google Accounts was to start a second Google account, which includes Google Drive, G-mail and everything else Google related.  Blogger allows you to have more than one person as administrators of your blog, so after you create a second account, you use that second account to add more pictures because you have another 1 GB of free Picasa storage with the second account.

Details are here on how to add another user

You can have up to 100 team members per blog, which means you could have up to 100GB of free Picasa storage, in theory at least.  Check out the Blogger limitations here and Happy Posting!