I have an incredible job.  I get to help businesses succeed.ee

My area of expertise is marketing, media and advertising, something I’ve been doing in Fort Wayne since 2003 and actually for a couple decades before that.

Many businesses struggle with not having enough customers and they don’t know the most effective way to invite people to become their customers.  That’s where I come in.

I have two media platforms to work with and depending on the needs, we may use WOWO radio or we may use a digital solution to use the internet.

Right now, I’ll outline the most common methods that I just presented to someone this week:

WOWO Radio has been on the air for 91 years and is the most listened to radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana by grown-ups.  100,000 weekly listeners is the number we are told by the radio rating/survey people.

WOWO is an excellent way to reach a mass audience.  With our news-talk format, listeners do not tune out when commercials come on and as a result, we have countless success stories from our advertising partners.  Ask and I’ll share some with you.

The digital marketing solutions are also an extremely effective way to invite potential customers to your business.  I can target ads to reach the specific criteria of people that you want to expose your business to.  I’m not limited to just our area, I have one campaign that is nationwide.  Another is targeted to only certain zipcodes.

With the digital marketing solutions offered by Federated Digital Solutions (the online division of our parent company), I can create a very specific and targeted campaign that is only limited by the parameters we decide.

It’s the combination of these two marketing solutions using WOWO Radio and Digital Marketing that allows me to help you succeed by connecting your business with new customers.

Want more details?  Let’s talk.