This year I have seen a couple of presentations by advertising mediums that included a whole bunch of “stuff” for one low price.  Bundling is the concept and we as consumers buy several things that are bundled.

For example we buy cable TV bundled with internet and sometime phone services for one low price.  I don’t watch most of the 100+ channels but it is actually cheaper to get all those channels than to pick and choose just the ones I want.  The networks sell bundles of their channels to my cable provider at a discounted price.

But is bundling good for advertisers?

As usual, it depends.

Sounds Like a Good Deal?

Sounds Like a Good Deal?

I had a  friend who own his own businesses complain to me about how a media salesperson was trying to get them to buy stuff that he didn’t want and they were pushy and obnoxious and he finally threw them out.

I sometimes have clients who want to buy bundled advertising packages which I can create for them however…

I prefer to custom create specific elements instead of throwing in a whole bunch of stuff my clients don’t want or (more importantly) need.

I can create a marketing program that includes a combination of advertising elements, but this is an integrated campaign, not a package that includes a bunch of junk.

Beware of the media salesperson that sells you a package that their boss told them to sell.  Instead work with someone who can help you develop a plan that fits what you need to accomplish.

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