This morning we are attending the Fort Wayne Social Media Breakfast.  The history of this event is interesting in that it first began in 2009 or 2010 and fizzled out with just a couple people attending the last event in 2010.  The problem was the folks running the event were not effectively using Social Media and there were some other marketing basics they were not doing too.

About a year ago Kevin Mullett who works at Cirrus ABS as Director of Product Development was asked to take it over and he has.  I now also work for Cirrus and know what goes on behind the scenes to put together these breakfasts.  Cirrus ABS is not the official sponsor, but we are the force behind organizing.  Well, Kevin is, and some of the rest of us who are active in social media at Cirrus support him.


By the way, tickets are free, but we use Eventbrite to control how many tickets are given out.  This puppy has been selling out nearly every month, all year with 80 tickets claimed.


So is Social Media worth it from a financial perspective?

Check out this infograph from Useful Social Media: