..until the money is gone.

Money is what makes the world go ’round.

Not literally, but figuratively.

And in many small ways, I suppose literally too, depending on the type of world you are looking at.

I’m going to stick to the world of media and marketing that I know so well.

The internet was supposed to kill off so many things we have lived with for decades.

Like Newspapers, Yellow Pages, Television, Radio, to name a few.

Sitting in a coffee shop the other day, I saw someone with a phone book and someone else reading the Sunday paper.

Over 90% of Americans still listen to the radio at least once a week, and we seem to continue to fill between 100 and 1000 cable TV channels with something 24/7.

As long as there is money to support _______ it won’t go away.  Which is why AOL and MySpace are still alive, even though they shouldn’t be with Facebook and Google taking over the world.  Or at least the World Wide Web.

A business stays in business as long as they have the funds to stay in business.  It’s that simple.