You have the power to: _________________.

Support a cause.




Speak out.

Be quiet.

Stand up.

Take a knee.

Build up.

Tear Down.

Create division.

Provide healing.



Look for common ground.

Look for reasons to divide.


Change hearts.

Rethink your own positions.

Consider your priorities.

On a personal note, I chose to take action. I also decided to not take action in areas that I don’t feel are productive in the social media debates.

I’m not mentioning this to blow my own horn, but I want to show you a couple of examples of how you too can make a difference.

Earlier this year, I was asked to consider joining the Board of Directors for Homebound Meals, Inc of Fort Wayne.  I applied, they accepted me and I am currently assisting with website and social media activities for this local organization.  This afternoon we are hosting the annual thank you luncheon for the volunteer drivers who make it all possible.

Then I will head over to the Sportone Fieldhouse for a couple of hours to help my co-workers in a fundraising effort to raise funds for Hurricane Relief.  The company I work for put this volunteer event together in a few days and all our our local Federated Media radio stations and staffs are going to be there until 6pm.

I also decided to start and lead a mens bible study and fellowship that meets weekly on Monday evenings for an hour.  We are called the Jimmies, because we are going through the book of James.

You get to decide how to spend your time and energy.  I’m not retired, or wealthy.  I just want to be a person of action who says yes to some of the opportunities to help.

As you review the list that I started at the top of this article, perhaps you will see yourself.  Let me know what you are doing or not doing and spur others on.

It’s Up To You.