I decided to stop doing something.

I decided to stop using the calender function of Microsoft Outlook.

A few years ago I started using the Google Calender that is attached to my Gmail account and I ditched the paper appointment book I used to carry.

Then last year when I worked for a digital marketing agency, I started using the Outlook Calender because that was the way we kept track of everyone’s availability via shared calenders.

I was also able to sync my Outlook stuff with my Google stuff and have access on my phone and laptop.

Then I returned to the radio business and more face to face meetings again.

The work laptop they gave me uses older versions of software and an older version of Windows and upgrading is not a priority for them.  Also I wanted a paper copy of my calender so when I’m in a meeting i can schedule the next meeting at a glance without having to rely on the web.

For two weeks I was manually updating 3 calenders.  Stupid waste of time.  So I dropped the Outlook calender in favor of Google and my paper “At-A-Glance” book, which I update every night.

Meetings are sometimes a necessary evil.  Keeping track of them needs to be simple.

What do you use to manage yours?