The past few weeks I have had meetings with business owners and marketing managers about how to use the resources I have available through WOWO radio and our parent company Federated Media that go beyond traditional radio ads.FederatedMediaLogo

I thought I’d let you in on some of these ideas because they might be appropriate for you too.

Email marketing. WOWO and our sister stations in Fort Wayne which include the local ESPN Radio stations and music stations K-105, WMEE and The Bear have an email database of over 40,000 people who have asked us to email them offers and promotions from businesses.

We have it broken down into specific categories like Entertainment, Home Improvement, and others so we can target people with different interests.  One of the first campaigns I did with an advertising partner was a birthday promotion.  In the first 3 months we sent over 10,000 individual personalized emails to people on their birthday offering them a free gift.

I’ve also used this to alert our database about a sale for a client and we have plans to send an email announcing a new store grand opening later this month.  I already have a tax consultant that is going to use our email program to promote her business in her communities next year.

Website development. Last week I had to tell a business owner that his baby was ugly.  I used those words too.  We were talking about his website.  Now this guy has been in business for 40 years and it was his Dad’s before he took over.  He does not sell to consumers and doesn’t need help reaching potential customers in Fort Wayne.

His business model is what is called B to B.  Business to Business. The very first thing he needs to do is get his website cleaned up. It failed Google’s Mobile Friendly test and had a few typos.  He didn’t deny his baby was ugly and now I’m going to get some quotes on a new site.  He needs a professional looking website with a responsive design so it will load correctly for everyone visiting, no matter what kind of computer or mobile device they are using to check his business out.

That’s just a couple of the Marketing Options with WOWO Radio Besides Commercials that I’m working on right now. See, my job is not to sell you the advertising package of the week that some media salespeople try and do.  My job is to help you make smart marketing decisions.