There is a lady named Mary who is a Business Advisor with the Indiana Small Business Development Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Mary and I have spoke a few times over the past 12 years, but I bet it was less than a dozen times until earlier this month. Information

First, let me tell you about Mary by quoting the ISBDC bio:

Mary Popovich serves in a dual role as business advisor/marketing coordinator for the Northeast ISBDC. She joined the center in October 2007 on a part-time basis and went full time in March 2011. Prior to the NE-ISBDC, Mary was with the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce for 10 years, most recently serving as vice president of communications. Past experience also includes serving as a marketing specialist for Lancia Homes and operating her own public relations business.

Mary sent me an email last week:

Scott, I have a client who contacted me with the following question:

I wanted to see if you have any information/data or insight as to Fort Wayne radio stations regarding their statistics like reach, size of listeners, demographics, ranking, etc. We have been doing some radio ads, but each station wants to sell their strong points and not really a way to objectively look at one versus another. Any thoughts?

My million-dollar question to you is whether there is a chart that objectively compares all of the area radio stations as to types of listeners, reach, share, etc.?

I am going to email my client a link to your blog, which I know has some wonderful information about radio advertising, but if there is something I can send him in addition, please let me know. Thanks! –Mary

I called Mary and told her that there is not one chart that gives all of that information in a way that is going to make it clearer, only make it more confusing.  I offered to meet with her client and together we can look at the information that is important for his business.  That’s better than overloading him with more data.

Mary offered to send me a copy of the article links she sent to her client.  Here are the articles that Mary says you should read about radio advertising. (The first 3 are interesting but may be too much info.)


The following blog posts talk about different aspects of radio advertising:

Thanks Mary.