In the second of this two part series, I will share with you the absolute, definitive truth about your website and other online activity.

You need to know what matters before you can judge the efforts that you are putting into your online efforts.

There are plenty of measurement tools but unless you have a reason or purpose, you don’t really know what to measure.

When I work with businesses who want to create a strong online presence, I need to know what they want the result to look like when we are done.

I’m not talking about the colors or layout of their website, I want to know what success looks like.

And success from a business standpoint is usually measured in dollars.

So we need to figure out how to connect the dots from what they are doing online to their bank account.

If we both do a good job, then their bank account grows, but there are several metrics along that sales path that we can examine and measure along the way.

How about a personal online presence?

Again, I raise the question, what do you want to do?

Connect with the friends you already have, meet new ones, find a new job, find employees?

I’ve used it for all of the above.

But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is what ever is important to you.

There is a way to measure all this digital media activity, but you have to know what, and why before you can judge the who, where, when and how.

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