When I’m teaching and training salespeople how to get the information they need to create a proposal that their prospcetive client will want to buy, I clue them in to a couple of my favorite questions.

  1. Why?
  2. Tell me more about that.

Okay, the second one isn’t really a question but it is important and by using these two in tandum, you’ll get much better information than if you simply take the first answer they give you.

RAB.com shared a related article:

In Case of an Emergency, Ask Questions 

Questions will save you.

Whenever you start to feel stressed and don’t know what to say to a customer, start asking questions. Questions are your emergency kit for all situations.

Simply asking, “Please tell me a little more about that?” or “What could we do to help you?” or “What would you like us to be able to do for you?” will often turn it all around.

Once the prospect is talking, you’ll have the opportunity to regroup and prepare your next move.

Source: Sales consultant/trainer Steve Waterhouse