If you could pick the exact “right” time to run an advertisement that would make me a new customer, that would be fantastically effective right?

Yes, if that was the way we (humans) respond to messaging.

But no, that’s not the way our brains work.

Our subconscious mind is remembering all kinds of things that we don’t even remember seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or touching.  Until one day something triggers our brains to recall something.

Here’s an example.

Last month I was driving when the truck next to me decided to swerve into my lane, (we were both heading the same direction).  He did not see me but I saw him and I cranked my steering wheel to the right while hitting the brake to avoid getting hit.

My front right wheel hit the curb and it basically ruined the tire.  I was just a block from two tire dealers.  So I slowly drove to one of them and waited while they replaced my tire and freed me of $120 bucks.

Not my tire, but might as well be...

Not my tire, but might as well be…

I wasn’t planning on spending any money last month on tires.  But I did.  It was a matter of seconds that changed my mind about spending money on a new tire.

So why did I select the tire dealer I went to when I could have visited another one across the street?

It was due to a relationship I had with the owner of the shop.  See, years ago, I met Phil and helped him with his advertising.  As I got to know Phil, I decided to trust him and put together an advertising program for him and also became his customer. That was a dozen years ago.

Little did he know, or did I know for that matter, that I would continue to be his customer at the most surprising moments, like last month.

You can’t plan your advertising to reach your customers in their moment of need.  But you can plan your advertising so when your customers need what you have to sell, they think of you and spend money with you.

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