A few days ago I read the following from the Dumb Little Man Blog:

  • “If you go and talk to that girl that you find attractive, she might think you’re an idiot or she might turn you down.” Does it matter considering you don’t have her in the first place? What are you really going to lose?
  • “If you write this and share it with people what if they think you’re crazy, think your article is garbage or don’t agree with you.” It’s not like you have the traffic, comments or reaction from that post right now. So what exactly are you afraid to lose?
  • “If this crazy wild eyed dream of mine doesn’t work out then the whole world will be laughing publicly and saying I told you so.” Considering you haven’t accomplished the dream, you’re really not losing anything. It’s far easier for people to stand on the sidelines and critique another person than it is to play the game themselves. Be wary of these people.

Each of these deal with overcoming what makes us stop and using that energy to move forward.


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