Pushy salespeople often get rejected.

We push back against them.

Instead, if you are in sales, have conversations with your potential customers.

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Persistence Pays Off 

Stop assuming customers won’t take your call, agree to an appointment or do business with you. Too many reps simply give up because they don’t hear back from prospects right away. They throw proposal after proposal out the door and then lose interest in following up because they get distracted chasing the next opportunity.

Please understand that I’m not giving you license to become a pest, but I am encouraging you to become more persistent. Quit making decisions for your prospects and move forward with a relentless “go for no” attitude.

Sure, you’ll face a little more rejection, but that helps clean out your funnel and forces you to focus on the right opportunities. I know it hurts to lose, but you can’t lose what you don’t have. And you just might be surprised how many times you’ll hear a “yes” if you’re willing to stay engaged.

Source: Sales consultant/speaker Tim Wackel