Life is filled with problems or opportunities.

It’s all in the viewpoint and perspective.

Life is a moment by moment gift waiting to be unwrapped.

This was brought home this week by the news of an accident that killed a former coworker of mine at age 36.

Life is a collection of experiences.

Some of those experiences are with people, pets, or by ourselves.  The longer we live, the more perspective we gain.

Life is also filled with tasks that can be boring or unpleasant.  But someone has to clean, mow etc.


One more random thought…

We probably don’t stop and tell people how much they mean to us, how proud we are of them, how much we enjoy their company, or  offer sincere, deep heartfelt words of thanks, praise, or compliments.  Instead we stick to familiar I love you, or thank you without going deeper.

I’m on a mission to improve that last random though so it’s not so random, but purposeful for the rest of 2013 and beyond.