The past several weeks I have doing some planning for 2015 in many areas of my life including online.

I would like your input.

Are there certain things you would like to see more of on this site?

Are there certain things you want to see less of on this site?

Do you want to know about marketing, advertising, sales, cats, or Fort Wayne?

Is there a series of how-to-_______ that you would like me to share?

Now those of you who are new to reading this or are just getting to know me, may not know what kind of stuff you want from me.

That’s okay too.

Every once in awhile I take time to do some evaluation of what to post online on this website and the purpose is sort of a give and take.

No matter what you tell me you want, I’m going to decide. ┬áBecause in the past when I’ve asked questions like this I get conflicting answers from different people.

That’s okay.

I simply would like your input on what you want me to share and write about and then I’ll consider your desires as I go through the Renew, Refresh and Refocus process.

Drop me a note at or reply with a comment or talk to me face to face.  The floor is open.