I was planning on writing about sore muscles.

But that breaks one of the 7 Tips I read recently on the Art of Manliness Blog about how to survive boot camp.

No, I’m not in the traditional boot camp or intensive training.

I’m just flipping my life around in a more positive direction.

One of the perks of working at Shindigz is their investment in their employees.

One that caught my attention when I was considering joining was the access to a personal trainer who comes to our onsite fitness center.

I knew I was going to take advantage of this perk, but also knew that it would be the beginning of my 2nd month when I would start, because I needed to devote my first few weeks to the work routines.

The 1st session was upper body which I could feel in my arms for the next 24 hours.

Session 2 was legs.  I thought this was going to be easier, but I was wrong.  4 days of hobbling as I recovered from the initial session.

This isn’t the 1st time I’ve worked out, nor will it be the last.  10 years ago I had a very physical job but this past decade, my exercise routine wasn’t a routine at all.

During the past ten years, I’d look around at my co-workers and say to myself, ” At least I’m not as fat as _________”.

Not good.

Today I work with a team of 6 in the Internet Marketing Department and all of us have made healthy commitments regarding exercise, fitness and weight loss.  When I returned from the fitness center after the 1st couple of sessions, my co-workers could relate, but together we nudge each other forward to keep at it week after week.

What can you do to encourage a friend to make positive changes?