What’s a ScLoHo?

At the end of 2016, I was preparing to launch a podcast version of the weekly articles I have been writing and  publishing on The Genuine ScLoHo website and this is the very first episode that you can also listen to. Here’s the link to this episode.   Now that we have all the details taken […]


It’s Over and You Are Okay

2016 is in the history books.  GONE.  Forever. No matter what you did, it’s done. No matter what someone else did or any of us did in 2016… It’s time to look forward. Face it. Some people are scared out of their minds as they look to the future. Have empathy. Others have gone through […]


Do You Need A Spring Break?

For college kids, Spring Break was last month.  But for most of the K-12 schools in the Fort Wayne area, spring break is the first full week of April. In this world of  24/7 connectivity, do you need to take a break for awhile?  Especially if you are on vacation, can you take a break […]


St. Pat’s Anniversary

Last Friday I mentioned that it was my wife’s birthday.  Today it is not only St Patrick’s day but also our 14th wedding anniversary.   Because both of her parents are of Irish heritage, Oops, I was wrong. Only her Mom was of Irish descent,  St. Patrick’s day was a big event.  And Kathy wanted […]


It’s Mrs ScLoHo’s Birthday

When I first met Kathy, both of us had been dating others.  Each of us were divorced, raising kids, helping with other family members and also ready to start the next chapter of our own lives. That was 15 years ago and a whole lot has transpired during the past decade and a half.  We […]