Note: I publish updates on this silly website at 9am 7 days a week.  Except today.  I am releasing this a bit early, since this is TEDxFortWayne day and 9am is when the presentations begin.

I got to serve on the speaker selection team this year.  We picked 20, mostly from Fort Wayne, a few from Indianapolis and at least one from out of state. Check out the line-up here and keep track of these names.  Some are already famous for what they have done or are doing.  Some will never be famous, but will inspire others.

Today will be a non-tech for me I believe.  I’ve got a couple of pens and a new journal that I’ll be using to take notes.

If you see me say hi, I’d love to meet you face to face (again).  Today I’m just the bearded guy with a white shirt.


Here’s the list:


Creating the tipping point for positive change in communities, perspectives gleaned from a seasoned civil servant yield a call to collaborate for our city and our region.


Recognizing the socio-economic power of everyday interpersonal connections can be used to increase engagement and improve communities – this is a call for reprioritization.


Mobilizing communities to make a difference through service as seen through the eyes of a volunteer – a story of personal change, inspiring encounters and key takeaways from these experiences.


Building endeavors within Fort Wayne around organic, strong ideas with a large support base.  Avoiding the pitfalls of the hip or exclusive versus the strength of the sustainable cool.


Distinguishing the use of technology as a force that can be used for good is a powerful tool in promoting community and pursuing real world connections to offer support to one another.


Exploring the disruption of society from the introduction of both internet and social media with consideration for the possibility that these modalities have created newer and better communities.


Remixing is a folk art but the techniques are the same ones used at any level of creation: copy, transform, and combine. Explore examples, discover innovation’s secrets and be inspired to go and do likewise.


Empowering patients to true jump-out-of-bed-in-the-morning health by creating high-tech, high touch medical practices focused on achieving optimal levels of health and balanced lifestyles for patients, employers and providers.


Re-thinking education in Fort Wayne through an innovative program that empowers students in the classroom and community with the goal of improving the culture of our city by giving the students a voice and a choice.


Discovering oneself on the road less traveled as a leader, this is an opportunity to explore and consider how to translate and communicate passion and beliefs to other people.


Learning to dance happens in a progression.  It can change people’s lives, and the same lessons learned on the dance floor can make even greater changes in the world.


Challenging the “what’s in it for me?” mentality with a shift to making imaginative and authentic investments – fusing arts and culture, trails and rivers, historical cornerstones and inspiring considerations of who we can become.


Contemplating the concept of change through exploration of secrets hidden deeply within the neuro-biology of the human brain. Learn cutting edge approaches being used to facilitate new thinking.


Taking risks and having vision built Fort Wayne’s legendary past and will reshape its future.  Reviewing the first three Acts of Fort Wayne’s history offers insight into why Fort Wayne needs to get its swagger back to direct Act Four.


Using the lens of the San Diego Comic-Con to explore the unprecedented disruptions in communication, marketing and technology, explore the convergence of pop culture, niche & mass marketing and changes in the top down creative approach.


Making dramatic changes in health yields significant weight loss, improved statistics and remarkable changes in quality of life.  Consider the transition from sub-par to premium nutritional fuel to improve health and optimize life.


Realizing that [1+1≠2] in the realm of human contact and connection – rather recognizing that [1+1=infinity] – opens doors to endless possibilities for anyone. RETHINK Fort Wayne!


Discussing the importance of sowing seeds that benefit others, as well as cultivating community attachment and retaining talent – recent grassroots initiatives give proof of fertile soil within our city.


Giving yourself permission to be fluid, to try things, to test what you want to do and where you excel makes a case for the five-year anti-plan: RETHINK entry level.