As a buyer of stuff, I want to buy without having to study the fine print disclaimers.3d small people holds a magnifier

Recently I was at a Dollar Store to pick up some gift bags.  I also bought paper plates and soap.  Each item was $1, six total with 7% sales tax it was $6.42.  Just as I expected.

No hidden fees.

No warnings or waivers I had to read.

I know how to use soap, paper plates and gift bags.

It was simple.

If only buying a car or cellphone was that straight forward.

Oh, let’s not let advertising services off the hook either.

I was listening to a sales rep from a TV station try and get one of my advertising partners to sign up for a TV ad campaign.

The TV rep told her how much the cost of the proposed schedule would be and handed my friend a pen to sign.

My friend wanted to read the fine print.  I suspect she has been burned before.

Actually she didn’t want to read the fine print.  She just wanted to be told the truth.

Buried in the fine print of this TV advertising proposal were extra fees for producing an ad. Which you need if you are going to advertise on TV, right?

What about changes? Change the ad, change the schedule, etc.   All extra fees it turns out.  All buried in the fine print disclaimers.

I have a fine print disclaimer on most of my proposals too. I talk about it, I don’t hide it.  This is what it usually says,

WOWO-AM-FM (WOWO) does not discriminate in the sale of advertising time, and will not accept advertising which is placed with the intent to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. Any provision in any order or agreement for advertising that purports to discriminate, or has the effect of discriminating, on the basis of race or ethnicity, is hereby declared null and void. Federated Media observes a two week cancellation policy. Payment is due within 30 days net after invoice is delivered. Ideas and rates expire two weeks from today’s presentation date.

Nothing too scary, right?

It’s better than the fine print disclaimers and penalties on our cellphone contacts.

Those damn disclaimers.

At least I can buy gift bags, paper plates and soaps without them.