Is the Social side.

When I was 16 I started talking to people on a form of media called radio.

It was mostly a one way conversation with the occasional listener calling in to make a request or ask a question.

The web in it’s current state of evolution has created a new form of media that we call social media.

Now I have friends who say this isn’t new, that there have been forms of social media since the 1990’s but it was a limited, geeky thing, not mainstream like it is today.

All you need is a connection to the web which is now easier than ever with smartphones and easy to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Blog sites.

But what I like best about all of this, from a personal standpoint is the relationships.

I have met dozens upon dozens of people since 2003 online and reconnected with even more.  Often these connections end up as face to face meetings and conversations.

I’ve helped others connect and others have helped me, all because of this thing we call Social Media.

By the way, I’m considering some changes with what I do on this website, so drop me a note telling me what you like about this site, what you don’t care about, what you would like to see in the future too.  Just use the Contact form or reach out to me on Social Media!