First off this is not an April Fools Prank.

Over the next few days I am going to be making several changes.

This website will have a different layout and design.

The content schedule will be different too.

In October 2011 when I launched this website ( ) the purpose was:

  1. To consolidate a number of blogsites that I was updating regularly onto one website. This was to improve the cross promotion of the different blogs.
  2. To reduce the number to updates I was doing.  I went from 5 or more per day, 7 days a week down to 4 (sometimes 5) 5 days a week.
  3. Merge the online identity and brand of ScLoHo with the offline Scott Howard.

And for the most part it has worked.

But I want to simplify even more.

So I looked at the analytics, the numbers behind the articles to see what was a keeper and what I could change.  I also added in a little gut check by asking a few folks and by asking myself what I wanted to do.

First off the Fort Wayne Site of the Day stays as a 5 day a week feature.  That much is clear.  When I started promoting Fort Wayne area businesses, organizations and people’s websites a few years ago and then stopped I received numerous requests to start it up.  I’ve even been asked by folks in other cities and states if I could start doing a similar feature for their town or if it was okay if they “stole” the idea and did it themselves.

My answer was, no I don’t want to do it, but you are more than welcome to copy my idea and promote your hometown.

Other changes are coming and as they occur I’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

As always, I welcome your ideas, comments and input.

Update on April 6, 2012:

The Fort Wayne Website of the Day will be moving to a new home starting Monday April 9th hosted by a friend of mine.  More details soon.