March 17th is a special event.

While most of the world considers March 17th as a day to act like an Irish person, wear green and drink for St. Patrick’s Day, my wife and I have another reason.

My Irish Bride

My Irish Bride

It’s our wedding anniversary.  My wife is a direct decedent of the Irish and  so I’m Irish by marriage.

How does this apply to Special Event Advertising?

St. Patrick’s Day has multiple natural advertising and marketing tie-ins that certain businesses can do.  Eating and drinking establishments are a natural.  Some retail places could jump on the band wagon and give customers a gift or discount for wearing green March 17th.  But that’s about it.

Retailers need to be careful about connecting their advertising to special events that really have nothing to do with why customers buy from you.  A St. Patrick’s Day Car Sale is stupid.  Even if you are offering a special deal on green cars… stop. Don’t do it.

Speaking of cars, I have a friend who works for a dealership and all last month she was promoting Truck Month, because that is what her dealership was telling her to push. This month another brand is telling us that March is Truck Month.

Sorry, but this is a stupid gimmicky way of advertising and it should stop.  I asked Google, “When is Truck Month?” and the answer: dd

Making up Special Events to advertise is dangerous because they hurt your credibility.

Instead how about advertising for the special events we as consumers care about.  Everyday there is someone out there having a birthday or anniversary.  Focus on them and their special event, not you. 35

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