We hear about the decline of certain industries due to news reports, but there are some that are silently going away.

Sunday my friend Pete asked me if I noticed that fewer people are wearing watches these days.

And yes, I had noticed this over the past couple of years when the battery on my watch died and I stopped wearing mine.

We were sitting in the Firefly Coffee Shop and out of about 18 folks in the Firefly, no one was wearing one.  I started watching over the next couple hours and no one, not a soul was wearing a watch.

The Sunday newspaper inserts had a couple of stores pushing watches for Fathers Day, but I doubt that they are a big seller.  We just don’t need them.

It’s not that we don’t need to know what time it is, but I carry a timepiece with me, on my cellphone.

If I am using my computer, there’s the time conveniently in the corner, staring at me.

As I drive down the road, my radio is displaying the time.

You don’t need a research study or even a Google search to determine this trend.

Just a curious mind and observant eye.

What else is disappearing before our eyes?