I’m a guy.

Been one all my life.

I’ve been a son, a dad, step-dad, Uncle and now Grandpa.

I cherish those roles.

It’s a combination of roles that my wife will never get to experience 1st hand, nor will any woman.

I was reflecting recently about my relationship with my daughters and the differences that they have compared to my relationship with my son.

I talk multiple times a week to my daughter Rachael who lives in town.  Often it’s online, but when I read her words on Twitter, I hear her voice.

The same thing with her sister Tiffany, although a bit part of our communication is her sharing pictures of her 9 month old (today), Calvin on a website I encouraged her to start.  This site features at least one daily picture of Calvin and it’s fun watching him grow day by day, since they live two hours away.

My son Josh and I have a Father-Son relationship that probably is very similar to the one I had with my Dad when I was Josh’s age.

That was before the web, when a long distance phone call cost you money and neither one of us did very much letter writing.

Yet I knew my dad loved me, as I loved him as we were both busy with our lives and wives living between 2 hours and 3 hours apart.

As a Dad who is very connected to people due to the internet, I enjoy those connections, which works great with my daughters but not Josh.

Oh, I guess Josh would be more active online if he had the time or technical hook ups.  But Josh and his wife live in a part of the country where their cell phone reception is spotty, let alone internet.  They will be moving to a new home later this year and I have no idea if they will have better tech connections or not.

But it really doesn’t matter.

Over the weekend, we spent some time talking about a little this, a little that and I remembered being in his shoes 25 years ago.

Conversations with my Dad were either initiated by my wife or my Mom.

When I was talking with Josh the other day, I could hear the love in his voice for me, for his life and for the future.  Of course the words, “I Love You” were included in our conversation.

Just because we live in a hyper connected world doesn’t me we need to stay in constant contact. The love is there just the same.