This week Kevin Mullett, my co-worker at Cirrus ABS hosted a webinar on Google+ for Brands and Businesses.  Now if you are within driving distance to our offices in Fort Wayne Indiana, you can attend this live Seminar on Tuesday morning 11/22 starting at 9am.

The preview:

Key Points Covered:

  • Is it worth creating a page now and if so, what do I need to know about doing so?
  • How do we build engagement and connections?
  • How will this impact search engine optimization and the visibility of my brand?
  • What are ripples and hangouts for?
  • How do I use Google+ for myself as well as my brand?
  • Looking into the crystal ball and reading between the lines. What is next for Google+?

Tickets are free but seating is limited.  Sign up today and bring your friends.