Recently I was talking with a friend about what we do for a living and what our wives do.  He and I are in the marketing business.  He has a sign shop that creates some pretty unique designs for businesses.  I sell advertising, primarily on WOWO Radio.

But our wives are both in the health care field.  The work that they do has a direct impact on the lives of the people they care for.

My friend was feeling that while his work was fun, what his wife does is important.

A few seconds passed.  I’ve had this thought myself.

However I have also taken that thought and not let it hang there, to do so would mean that only certain people’s work mattered.

And while this is of no disrespect to those who are serving in health care, law enforcement, fire fighters or our military, I challenge you to also see the importance of you.ScLoHo's Really

My friend and I are in the business of helping other businesses be successful.  If those businesses we help are successful, that means the stay in business.  It means the people who work at those businesses are able to get paid.  Those paychecks support families and kids.

If the business goes under, jobs are lost, families are hurt, and kids lose.

Another example, the fast food worker.  You are responsible for providing safe food for the people who come to you.  That food allows they to have some nourishment to fuel them for several hours to do their work.

And let’s not limit this to paying work.  The Importance of You also applies to those who do not get a paycheck.

The mom who is on call 24/7 taking care of those precious preschoolers.  Your importance can never be measured in terms of dollars or test scores.

The volunteer who helps out at the hospice center, the person who takes time to help someone, even with a simple task, you are important.  Because of you, another life is different. That is the importance of you.  Please never forget this important life principle and lesson.